There is no hope for the hopeless prince
Prince of Hope
technowriter15 whispered:

Um.... may i ask if you could perhaps draw Sollox getting stuffed by a big-bulge!Eridan? If you have the time that is.....


Hope this satisfies! Shoutout to #homestuckstuck for helping me nail down the pose. 

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Ladies, Gentleman, Non-binaries and Aliens, I now introduce to you the pocket Eridan! 

(PocketDan for short)

He is portable and even comes with his very own PocketKat for endless amusement. 


Buy now!
And by now I mean never because he can’t be sold. :(

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iridescent ocean caverns

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sorry not sorry.

[original post]

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okay but what happened to mituna

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something quick before i get to bed


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i draw tinykat when im sad

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's time to draw something new.
(I hate my w.i.p. folder)

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I’ve been so busy with moving and work lately that I haven’t had time to draw at all. So I stopped to breathe for about 5 minutes, sketch some ooc cronkri, and scuttle back to boring work stuff.

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I am a serious artist.

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things i want to draw:

  • fanart
  • my ocs

things i cant draw:

  • fanart
  • my own fuckin ocs
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I kinda uploaded these earlier but it wasn’t working. So here they are again.

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I like this guy

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