There is no hope for the hopeless prince
Prince of Hope


this is sfw but i dont feel like postin it on my main blog so here doodle

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Ewww, are you puking now? Gross!

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dragon clan 

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davekat cape snuggles or something

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[image: Rose and Kanaya dancing in simple dresses. Kanaya leads Rose by the hand.]


Rose and Kanaya.

wow my dash is exceedingly quality look it is my perfect headcannon rose SHES PERFECT

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OKAY!!! HERE IT IS!! My side of the Art Trade I did with thehobbitholes!!!
You guys should also see the cute Jade/Davesprite she drew me!!

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I made a cute damara draw ❤️❤️

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solroxy for the soul

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There ya go, Cooljk. I hope that’s alright. I’m kinda bad at writing and dialogue.

If the text is too small to read, here’s a slightly bigger version.

I must confess a certain puzzlement at this pairing. Not a dislike! Just a puzzlement. Perhaps I’ll understand it more when I finally catch up to Homestuck and can safely read fanfics without fear of spoilers XD

Fish pun translation, just in case it’s not obvious: kelp=help, codrants=quadrants, gils = girls, eely=really, porpoise=purpose, fin=thing. 

*edit* Oops, sorry! My bad about the puns/OOCness.

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eridan finally feels cool but he doesn’t really look cool because dave’s shirt doesn’t fit him that well.

also, i just realised that dave looks like he’s wearing some sort of gross one piece thing because his pants are black and eridan’s shirt is also black… Σ(-`Д´-ノ;)ノ

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Dave and Eridan, as requested by Rozurashii

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did somebody say Erikan?

Requested by http://eridansmatesprit.tumblr.com/ 

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The worst part about being there for everybody is that no one ever bothers to ask if you’re okay or not

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erisol sketch commish for rawrimamidget! ;w; hope u like sol teasing the fishy :>

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